This is how we roll: sweet scooters, trikes and more – for every age and stage.


Globber Scooters & Accessories

This exuberant scooter and bike brand is all about quality, value and innovation,
with fun and functional features to teach and challenge active kids.

Globber Elite Deluxe with Light Up Wheels

This hard-working three-wheeler is designed for the long haul: it adjusts to grow with your rider and folds at the touch of a button. (Though kids might care more about the funky, flashing LED lightshow!)

Available in:

$119.99 | Ages 3+


For easy storage at home or school

folding frame

For easy storage at home or school.


For style and safety (but mostly style).

Globber EVO
Comfort with Lights

Very versatile: this brilliant model grows with your child, transforming from sit-and-ride to balance bike to solo scooter. (And yes, the wheels light up!)

Available in:

$149.99 | Ages 1+

Globber Ultimum Scooter

As changeable as your teen: this beefed-up three-wheeler boasts an extra-wide deck and adjustable steering radius, for tight turns or wide arcs. Folds up fast to store in a locker, too.

Available in:

$199.99 | Ages 5+

Adjustable turning radius

Just twist the knob to suit your riders’ style

Widest deck available

For safe and comfortable two-foot coasting


Adapts as riders grow…and grow…and grow

Globber Flow Foldable 125 Scooter

The perfect choice for a safe and speedy trip to school or the soccer field: this sturdy model rides like a dream and folds up in a flash.

Available in:

$119.99 | Ages 6+

Sporter: a three-wheeler like no other

An unusual look, an exciting ride and an incredible value! These no-kick scooters roll on kids’ kinetic energy alone and hand-brake for drift action and power-slides, too.

Sporter XL 145mm Scooter

Don’t push it – seriously. Riders power this bestselling ride by shifting side-to-side to create kinetic momentum! Folds quickly for easy storage, too.

Available in:

$99.99 | Ages 8+

Sporter 125mm Scooter

Only at Mastermind Toys

What’s not to love? This cool-looking three-wheeler has an adjustable T-bar handle for growing kids, folds quickly to toss in the car and, oh yeah: THE WHEELS LIGHTS UP.

Available in:

$89.99 | Ages 5+

Razor scooters

The iconic style, sturdy construction and folding frame have made this the go-to commuter scooter for years.

Razor A Scooter

It’s a classic for a reason: choose your colour, crush your commute and fold it up in a flash.

Available in:

$59.99 | Ages 5+

Radio Flyer: a fixture of childhood since 1917

The iconic style, sturdy construction and folding frame have made this the go-to commuter scooter for years.

EZ Fold 3-in-1 Tailgater Wagon with Canopy

With just one hand, adults can fold up this feature-packed wagon for easy transport and storage: perfect for soccer tourneys and road-trips.

$199.99 | Ages 1+

Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon

Designed as much for the adults pulling as for the kids riding! This top-of-the-line ride boasts air-filled tires, versatile seating, ample storage, sunshade and cupholders.

$249.99 | Ages 1+

All-Terrain Stroll-n-Trike

This transitional trike has loads of safety features for pre-riders that adults can remove as kids learn to ride solo. (And SO much storage!)

$159.99 | Ages 1+

Dual Deck Tricycle

Roll up to the park in style: the quality and durability of this charming retro design mean it’ll be in the family for years.

$109.99 | Ages 3+