Summer’s finally here and with it, longer afternoons for playing outside right up ‘til bedtime! We’ve collected our favourite toys, games and gear for fresh-air sand and water fun.

BigMouth water-play goodies

It just doesn’t get more fun than this: wacky and whimsical pool toys, beach blankets and more!

Bring extra cool to the pool

Fanciful and colourful, for sure! But these crazy pool floaties are also sized for maximum fun and designed to withstand the antics of energetic kids all summer long.

Starting at $19.99 | Ages 1+


Prepare for wrinkly fingers: kids will spend hours creating canal systems by mixing and matching colourful and durable components and accessories like gates, wheels, pumps and bridges.

Sets starting at $99.99 | Ages 3+


Classic and engrossing water play that’s like a toddler’s tub-time – on a grander scale.

Award-winning design

Kids combine and connect simple, lightweight components to create elaborate water worlds.


As they imagine and experiment, kids learn about buoyancy, mechanics and fluid dynamics.

Make a big splash

When it comes to summertime, wetter is better! Stock up on cool water blasters and exciting gear for backyard fun and games.

Everybody into the pool!

An afternoon at the pool or a weekend at the lake calls for some super-fun games and activities for all ages. Gear up with diving toys, water games and one truly awesome inflatable!

Have buckets of fun

At the beach, in the backyard or at the park, sand play is where it’s at: from classic dump-and-fill fun for preschoolers to more intricate sculpting work and even larger-scale earthmovers.

Beachy-keen B. Toys

These summery sand and water toys are just the kind of thing to keep in the stroller, wagon or car for trips to the park or the lake. They’re the tools of the trade for busy preschoolers!

Starting at $14.99 | Ages 1+


Distinctive, sophisticated hues make an exciting change from the usual youngsters’ primary palette.


Unexpected curves and flourishes in design appeal to creative kids (and adults) that love surprises.


Quality materials and construction ensure that these items will stand up to rough-and-ready play.

The biggest diggers

TOLO® The Big Scoop

This is the ultimate backyard excavator: pint-sized operators can sit down, scoop up a shovelful of sand, spin around, and dump it out – over and over again!

$49.99 | Ages 3+

BIG Power Worker Maxi Digger

There’s just something about heavy machinery that captures kids’ imaginations – this scaled-down sandbox toy is just as engrossing! Sturdily made, with an exciting sit-and-scoop design.

$69.99 | Ages 3+

Kinetic Sand: BYO Beach!

WOW: this amazing, mess-free play sand never dries out! Kids can mould and sculpt to their hearts' content – even on a rainy afternoon – and then pack it all away for another day.

Starting at $3.99 | Ages 3+

GOWI: For kids’ bucket lists

We absolutely love this Austrian brand’s unfussy designs, bold colours and terrific value – hardwearing plastic toys with magnetic appeal for busy, creative kids.

Starting at $2.99 | Ages 1+

Hape: simple is beautiful

Get little ones equipped for hours of dump-and-fill, build-and-destroy bliss with vibrant, toys and tools with clean lines and durable construction.

Starting at $3.99 | Ages 1+