Factual or fictional, summer reading develops vocabulary and concentration. Leave room in the suitcase for a solid collection of books – essential for any holiday trip!

The Bad Guys in the Big Bad Wolf (The Bad Guys #9)

Fans will devour Mr. Wolf’s fascinating origin story! His dad is so fairy-tale infamous, he’s got Big Bad shoes to fill, which is never easy – even when you’re accidentally SUPER-SIZED.

$7.99 | Ages 7+

Bedtime for Baby Shark: Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

The tune’s in your head ALL DAY anyway, so put that preschool bop to good use and incorporate it into little ones’ bedtime routine!

$8.99 | Ages 3+

Trending titles

These are the blockbuster books that everyone’s talking about: the latest installments in kids’ favourite series, the storybooks that are charging up the bestseller list – even the book version of an inescapable preschool bop (doot-doot-doot-doot-doot).

Klutz: bestselling

Klutz kits make great gifts for any occasion: they’re self-contained, simply explained and generate SUCH satisfying results! There’s a book-based kit for every age, stage and interest, from spa science to LEGO®, origami to robotics!

Gripping graphic novels

“You got art in my novel!” “You got words in my art!” (They’re both right.) These engrossing comic-style tales perfectly blend illustration and narrative and can be about anything from animal shenanigans to classic fiction, reimagined.

Calling all heroes!

Assemble an epic collection of thrilling tales starring a who’s who of hero-types, from comic-book mainstays to brand-new (and often unexpected) day-savers. Evildoers, beware….

Moonlite: storytime, enhanced

Moonlite is a bestseller – for bedtime and beyond. Attach the Moonlite projector to your mobile device to create full HD projections and sound effects for some of your child’s favourite stories. The library of story reels just keeps growing….

On-the-go activity books

These clever, keep-kids-busy books are perfect unplugged entertainment for road trips and other vacation comings and goings. Young travellers can play games solo or with siblings, solve picture puzzles and mazes, and much more.

Stay-sharp workbooks

What “summer slump?” Keep kids' minds limbered up with these engaging curriculum-based activity books designed to reinforce and build skills in math, language, history, reading – even cursive writing!

Ages 0 — 2: Board Books

Board (& bath) book bonanza

The best books for babies and toddlers are ones that stand up to repeated reading – like, A LOT. These hard-wearing favourites feature classic stories and characters (like that incorrigible Pigeon) and hide some fun, interactive surprises!

Ages 3 — 5: Story Books

Preschooler picks

This selection of sure-fire read-aloud hits has it all: beloved heroes, tickled funny-bones and plucked heartstrings. Kids will find adventure, inspiration and laughs in the words and illustrations on every single page.

Beginner Readers: Acorn Books

Amazing Acorn Books

Packed with colour, verve, humour and simple vocabulary, Scholastic’s new line of early-readers will have kids blasting through stories again and again. They’ll build fluency and confidence and have SUCH a blast reading to you!

Ages 6 — 8: Junior Novels

Super-cool junior novels

Emerging readers will sink their teeth into these addictive series loaded with mystery, hilarity and adventure. Appealing characters and action-packed plotting draw even reluctant readers in and have them clamouring for the sequels to see what happens next!

8+: Books for older kids

Ghosts, geniuses, magic, myths & more

From middle-grade drama and belly-laughs to young-adult sagas of family legacies and adored foxes, this eclectic selection is an embarrassment of riches for book-loving tweens and teens. Keep them turning pages all summer long.

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