Baby and Toddler books

Babies & Toddlers – Ages 0–2

Create a link between language, learning and love from kids' earliest days with board books, bath books, cloth books and more.

Preschoolers – Ages 3–5

Build a picture-book library of laughs for kids to listen to, learn from and eventually share as they begin to read along with you.

Preschooler books
Book for Early Readers

Early Reader – Ages 6–8

Encourage the "I can do it!" feeling with entertaining tales packed with short chapters, simple sentences and favourite friends.

Young Readers – Ages 9–12

Feed voracious readers and encourage reluctant ones with great graphic novels, hilarious series, cool characters and tons of adventure.

Books for Young Readers
Books for young adults

Teen – Ages 13+

Introduce older kids to longer tales, graphic novels and epic series that offer complex characters and themes of belonging, believing and discovering your true path.

Activity & Sticker Books

Provide interactive entertainment of the analog kind for camping weekends, road trips and sleepovers.

Activity Books
Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels

These engrossing stories run the gamut from funny stories of middle-school angst to epic tales of high fantasy.

Health, Wellness & Mindfulness

These thoughtful, age-appropriate reads focus on self-care and serve up answers to questions kids might not even have thought to ask yet.

Health and wellness books
Science and Nature books

Science & Nature

Nurture kids' scientific interests with colourful, quirky non-fiction guides and kits that run the gamut from dinosaurs, plants and animals to astronomy, coding, chemistry and more.

Make a Difference

Help raise energized and engaged citizens with inspiring memoirs and thought-provoking how-to guides on activism and other social justice issues.

Make a Difference books
Get Outside books

Get Outside

Launch kids on a lifetime of adventure in the great outdoors with great field guides, activity books, collector’s logbooks and more.


Celebrate kids’ latest educational milestones with new and classic tales of gratitude, encouragement and graduation inspiration.

Grad books