We  know  how kids read: the joys, challenges and benefits of every age and stage. Our selection of books carves a path of curiosity and discovery – each one makes a marvelous gift all on its own (or to top off a toy).

Spooooooky reads

Set the Halloween mood that’s right for your kids, from sweet and not-so-scary stories and activity books to spine-chilling tales of ghosts and ghouls.

New & Now

Reads so fresh they still have that new-book smell!

Dragonwatch #3: Master of the Phantom Isle

The third epic adventure in Brandon Mull’s bestselling series is finally here and you won’t find it anywhere else! Elusive memories, long-lost allies, and a desperate battle against the King of Dragons – what’s not to LOVE?

$25.99 | Ages 10+

Dragonwatch #1

The saga begins deep in Wyrmroost, a sanctuary home to dragon-kind – or a prison? The vengeful King of Dragons has begun an uprising and only the ancient order of the Dragonwatch can prevent it.

Reg $11.99Now $8.99 | Ages 8+

Dragonwatch #2: Wrath of the Dragon King

As the dragon war rages, both sides forge new alliances and seek the powerful dominion stone to aid their cause. But this powerful weapon lies hidden within a cursed castle….

Reg $11.99Now $8.99 | Ages 8+

More Fablehaven Adventures

Fablehaven 1

Fablehaven 2 Rise of Evening Star

Fablehaven #3: Grip of the Shadow Plague

Must-reads for fantasy fans

Feed their appetite for tales of magic, mythology, action and adventure – these series are the modern titans of the genre.

A Tale of Magic...

It's the first adventure in a brand-new fantasy series set in the Land of Stories universe! Brystal Evergreen discovers her fairy heritage and begins her magical education – and it all begins with a forbidden book....

Reg $23.99Now $17.99 | Ages 9+

Hey Grandude!

Inspired by an off-the-cuff remark by one of his grandkids, Paul McCartney – yes, THAT Paul Mccartney – has written a fantastical new storybook adventure. We’re Beatlemania-level excited for this one.

$23.99 | Ages 4+

Trending titles

These are the buzzy books everyone’s talking about: epic fantasy, graphic-novel realness and a must-anticipated new story in the WONDER universe….

Gripping graphic novels

“You got art in my novel!” “You got words in my art!” (They’re both right.) These engrossing comic-style tales perfectly blend illustration and narrative and can be about anything from animal shenanigans to classic fiction, reimagined.

Fan-tastic hockey books

When reading is the goal, these fun storybooks, exciting novels and fascinating trivia books will thrill die-hard hockey lovers.

STEM-tastic reads

Perfect for curious kids, these fact-packed resources run the gamut from earth science to outer space, and from archaeology to anatomy.

Ages 0 — 2: Board Books

Board book bonanza

The best books for babies and toddlers are ones that stand up to repeated reading – like, A LOT. These hard-wearing faves include a plucky truck, a tricky shark and some marvelous modern classics.

Ages 3 — 5: Story Books

Preschooler picks

This selection of read-aloud romps includes Marvel heroes, Munsch mischief and a Canadian classic that kids will love in the morning and in the afternoon, in the evening and underneath the moon.

Ages 6 — 8: Junior Novels

Super-cool junior novels

Emerging readers will dive deep into illustrated crime-fighting capers starring a human-canine hybrid hero, Pokémon lore and more.

9+: Books for older kids

Middle school, magic school & more

Whether the drama is more the dragons-and-danger or the friends-and-family variety, these engrossing books will captivate enthusiastic readers.

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