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  • A Vaccine Is Like a Memory Book

    AGES 4+

    This timely book details the importance of vaccines and how they were developed throughout history, as well as how they work to protect your body and keep it healthy.

    Do you remember every time you've been sick?You may not, but your body does! With many illnesses, you can't get sick more than once because your body remembers and fights it off before you get sick again. But what if your body could recognize germs that you've never had before so you don't get ill? There's where vaccines come in! This book comes complete with extensive back matter all about types of germs and vaccines.

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    Title: A Vaccine Is Like a Memory Book

    ISBN: 9781499813265

    Mastermind number: 230118

    Shipping weight (lbs): 0.815003922

    Package dimensions (inches): 11 x 8.5 x 0.125

    Author: Rajani LaRocca

    Illustrator: Kathleen Marcotte

    Format: Hardcover

    Publisher: little bee books

    Pages: 40