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    Chess & checkers are 2 of the most ancient games in human history, dating back hundreds if not thousands of years. Chess is widely seen as one of the greatest strategy games ever developed. It is "the game of Kings", as 2 players take turns moving their pieces around the board attempting to capture their opponent's King to claim victory. It is known to have significant benefits for developing and strengthening focus, creativity, and problem solving skills. It also helps to exercise both sides of the brain.

    During a game of chess your brain will exercise logic, pattern-recognition, make decisions both visually and analytically, and test your memory. Checkers is the definition of a classic game, linking together completely different civilizations living in completely different types of societies over thousands of years. Boards have been found in Ur dating as far back as 3000 BC. The game migrated into France in around the year 1100. Each piece was called a 'fers', the same name as used for the queen in a game of chess. Eventually the name was changed to 'dames' when that name was also adopted for the chess queen. This is why in France the game is known as 'jeu de dames' or 'the game of queens'. In other countries the game is named after the checkered board the game is played on, thus 'checkers'.

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    Mastermind Toys Deluxe Wood Folding Chess & Checkers Set $29.99
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    Product name: Mastermind Toys Deluxe Wood Folding Chess & Checkers Set

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