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  • Giant Toddler Workbook: Scholastic Early Learners

    AGES 24 Months+

    This comprehensive, full-color workbook from Scholastic Early Learners provides all the practice your toddler needs for early school success!

    Includes stickers and a completion certificate!A strong educational foundation helps ensure a child is able to benefit from the learning opportunities available in today's preschool classroom. Help your child prepare for preschool with this all-inclusive workbook filled with activities and stickers from Scholastic Early Learners! 280 pages of age-appropriate exercises aimed at developing fine motor skills and reinforcing early learning, including pencil control, pre-reading skills, and more!

    Includes 2 pages of stickers, a glossy cover, and a completion certificate

    Aimed at children ages 2-4

    Encourages practice in important topics to help your child prepare for preschool

    Bright, colorful pages blend photographs and illustrations to make this workbook one of the most eye-catching and engaging available

    Teacher approved! Scholastic Early Learners is a dedicated program that focuses on building learning and school skills from infancy through second grade. Created by experts and focused on reinforcing curriculum learning and current academic guidelines, this educational line is the best partner in your child's school journey. Scholastic Early Learners: The Most Trusted Name in Learning!

    Giant Toddler Workbook: Scholastic Early Learners $13.99
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    Product Specification

    Title: Giant Toddler Workbook: Scholastic Early Learners

    ISBN: 9781339018126

    Mastermind number: 231595

    Author: Scholastic Early Learners

    Format: Softcover

    Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

    Pages: 276