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  • How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Be Kind? Book

    AGES 3+

    Laugh out loud as our bestselling dinosaurs learn to be kind despite their sometimes mischievous antics.

    How does a dinosaur learn to be kind? Does he roar about everything that is on his mind?Does he wake up at midnight and make lots of noise? Does he take his big sister's new shoes and her toys? NO!!!A dinosaur knows how to be very kind, always keep other folks firmly in mind.Being kind can be a little difficult, even for dinosaurs. But with a little practice and some heartfelt humor, our prehistoric pals can develop empathy and compassion for others. Join in the hilarity as the bestselling duo Jane Yolen and Mark Teague teach young readers and dinosaurs that being kind is important and cool!With over 24 million copies in print, each dino-mite How Do Dinosaurs...? book is a combination of hilarious situations and sing-song rhymes that show young children how to be more successful every day and in every way. The How Do Dinosaurs...?

    How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Be Kind? Book $24.99
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    Title: How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Be Kind? Book

    ISBN: 9781338827200

    Mastermind number: 229308

    Shipping weight (lbs): 1.3

    Package dimensions (inches): 12.286 x 9.363 x 0.428

    Illustrator: Mark Teague

    Format: Hardcover

    Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

    Pages: 48