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  • How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney? Book

    AGES 4+

    The beloved, multi-award-winning duo of Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen tackle a perennial question.

    When Santa arrives at a child's house on Christmas Eve, does he go down the chimney feetfirst or headfirst? What if he gets stuck? What if there's no chimney? Maybe he slides under the door, as thin as a piece of paper? Or is it possible he pours himself through the faucet? What happens once he's inside? Whether it's shape-shifting or impromptu laundry use, Mac Barnett's iconic talent for earnest deadpan humor and Jon Klassen's irresistibly funny art honor the timeless question with answers both ridiculous and plausible, mounting in hilarity as the night continues. Channeling a child's fanciful explanations (and begging for further speculation), this latest collaboration by a New York Times best-selling team will find a secure spot among family holiday traditions.

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    Title: How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney? Book

    ISBN: 9781536223767

    Mastermind number: 231934

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    Author: Mac Barnett

    Illustrator: Jon Klassen

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    Publisher: Candlewick Press

    Pages: 32