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  • How to Build LEGO Dinosaurs Book

    AGES 7+

    Discover how to build your awesome LEGO dinosaurs!

    Be inspired by 30 incredible LEGO dinosaurs, from a fierce T-rex to a giant Brachiosaurus and a winged Pteranodon. � Embark on an imaginative building journey as the models get more challenging through the book.� � Each dinosaur idea is broken down into three, four, or five important building steps. � Learn essential building techniques to create claws and teeth, legs and tails, textures and colors and much more, for your own wonderful creations. � You can build anything!�

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    Product Specification

    Title: How to Build LEGO Dinosaurs Book

    ISBN: 9780744060959

    Mastermind number: 228104

    Shipping weight (lbs): 1.2125

    Package dimensions (inches): 10.3 x 8 x 0.49

    Author: Hannah Dolan, Jessica Farrell

    Format: Hardcover

    Publisher: Peguin Random House

    Series: LEGO

    Pages: 96