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It's Not All Rainbows

  • Hardcover
  • Jessika Von Innerebner
  • Illustrated by Jessika Von Innerebner


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Even unicorns can have a bad day! Everyone knows unicorns are PERFECT. They are glamorous, glittery, happy creatures that bring sparkle to the world. But Kevin's day is just not going well … he wakes up not only on the wrong side of the bed - but on the floor! Even his Super-Perfect-Hair-Day Spray can't tame his mane. What's a unicorn to do? Kevin does his best to keep it positive, like a good unicorn should. But after a clam juice incident sparks disaster, Kevin can no longer bottle up his real feelings and (happily) discovers he is not alone. It turns out that unicorns have bad days too - and that's perfectly okay! This delightful picture book by Jessika von Innerebner simply sparkles with humour, and also serves as a reassuring reminder that everyone has bad days. Even unicorns.

Product Specification

Title: It's Not All Rainbows

ISBN: 9781443175265

Mastermind number: 216295

Shipping weight (lbs): 0.9

Package dimensions (inches): 10.29 x 10.28 x 0.3

Author: Jessika Von Innerebner

Illustrator: Jessika Von Innerebner

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Scholastic Inc

Pages: 32