Puzzlooies! The Museum of Supernatural History A Solve-the-Story Puzzle Adventure

  • Softcover
  • Jonathan Maier, Russell Ginns
  • Illustrated by Kristen Terrana-Hollis


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READ THE STORY. SOLVE THE PUZZLES. SAVE THE DAY! Puzzloo!es is the unique new series that mixes zany, funny stories with tons of puzzles that must be solved to move the adventure forward. Perfect for readers ages 7-11 who loved Brain Games for Clever Kids, the A to Z Mysteries, and Mad Libs! Prepare to solve your way out of an uncanny exhibit in … The Museum of Supernatural History! In this extraordinary adventure, Jayden and Chad explore a mysterious museum filled with mythical monsters—ones who need the boys' help to defeat an ancient, evil power before it destroys the world. What in the world is a "Puzzlooey"?! We're glad you asked! Each Puzzlooey book contains a different story. It could be a whodunit tale, an epic sci-fi, or a wild adventure—but in order to reach the end, you'll have to solve a series of puzzles throughout! Puzzlooies are smart, surprising, and seriously silly. They're chock-full of challenges, perplexing pictures, and mysterious messages … not to mention an extra helping of riddles, jokes, and fascinating facts!

Product Specification

Title: Puzzlooies! The Museum of Supernatural History A Solve-the-Story Puzzle Adventure

ISBN: 9780525572138

Mastermind number: 222570

Shipping weight (lbs): 0.26

Package dimensions (inches): 8.44 x 5.19 x 0.25

Author: Jonathan Maier, Russell Ginns

Illustrator: Kristen Terrana-Hollis

Format: Softcover

Publisher: Random House Children's Books

Pages: 80

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