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    AGES 1 Month+

    The whimsical debut picture book by two celebrated novelists about a slug, desperate to fit in at all costs, and the adventure he embarks upon to learn that maybe being yourself is best of all!

    Serge was a snail without a shell. His mum and his dad were shell-less as well. "You're no more than a SLUG!" the snails at school taunted. I wish I had a shell. It was all that Serge wanted. Serge is not like the snails at school. They call him a horrible name-slug-and even though that's entirely what he is, he wishes for a shell of his own. Feeling like an outcast, Serge sets off on a solo adventure in search of the elusive shell that will make a perfect home-and make him just like everybody else. After some much-needed advice from his friend Fish, he finds himself at the ocean, where many options await: "Big shells and teeny shells / All the in-betweeny shells / Pyramid and swirly shells / Altogether curly shells!" But can Serge find the perfect shell, or is he destined to be different forever?

    A charming, lyrical story with bouncy text, whimsically illustrated by artist Andrea Blinick, Serge the Snail Without A Shell puts a modern twist on a tale as old as time: trying to fit in at all costs, before realizing that maybe being yourself is best of all.

    Serge, the Snail Without a Shell Book $14.95
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    Product Specification

    Title: Serge, the Snail Without a Shell Book

    ISBN: 9781774711507

    Mastermind number: 229934

    Author: Harriet Alida Lye et al.

    Illustrator: Andrea Blinick

    Format: Softcover

    Publisher: Nimbus Publishing Limited

    Pages: 32