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  • That's Fact-tastic!

    AGES 8+

    National Geographic Kids serves up tons of incredible facts and mind-boggling tidbits to wow your friends and family!

    Did you know that a giraffe's eye is as big as a Ping-Pong ball? Or that about 19 million hot dogs are sold at major league baseball games every year? Or that there is only one bone in your body that's not connected to another one? There's a lot to know, and National Geographic Kids is here to help. Based on a favorite department in National Geographic Kids magazine, this book is chock-full of fascinating facts, silly stats, and catchy little knowledge nuggets in all kinds of awesome categories, from amphibians to black holes to the gold rush. Special features include Extreme Weirdness, Strange Places, What's the Difference, and more. Bold, colorful photographs in a supersize format and spectacular information create a winning combination for curious kids who can't wait to learn more about the world.

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    Title: That's Fact-tastic!

    ISBN: 9781426372254

    Mastermind number: 228601

    Shipping weight (lbs): 2.62

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    Author: National Geographic

    Format: Hardcover

    Publisher: National Geographic

    Series: Bet You Didn't Know

    Pages: 192