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    AGES 8+

    The New York Times bestselling series!

    Pass the magic on! This enchanting multi-author series is like American Girl with magic.In this book, written by bestselling author Sarah Mlynowski and three-time Newbery Honor recipient Christina Soontornvat, the magic bracelet comes to a girl in Texas, who ends up in a Groundhog Day-style time loop.

    Lucy Usathorn of Fort Worth, Texas is super excited for her class trip to the Natural History Museum, where her dad works. Sure, Ms. Brock, the strict school librarian who happens to be dating Lucy's dad (awkward) is chaperoning, but it'll still be the best day ever, right?Wrong! Lucy has to watch in shock and humiliation as her dad proposes to Ms. Brock. Lucy is distraught. If only she could do this whole day over from scratch... Enter the magic bracelet. It arrives in the mail, with a long letter from Addie, a girl in Columbus, Ohio, who had the bracelet last time. The bracelet grants wishes, and Lucy knows just what to wish for: a do-over day, where she'll fix everything and most importantly, prevent her dad from proposing to Ms. Brock.The wish comes true but not quite as Lucy expected. Her day keeps repeating over and over, and things keep getting worse in unique (and hilarious) ways.

    With the help of her new long-distance friends, Addie and Becca, will Lucy be able to figure her way out of this time loop . . .before it's too late?

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    Product Specification

    Title: Time After Time (Best Wishes #3) Book

    ISBN: 9781338628319

    Mastermind number: 231608

    Author: Sarah Mlynowskiet al

    Format: Hardcover

    Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

    Series: Best Wishes 3

    Pages: 192