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10 Years

Entering the double digits doesn’t mean an end to toys. Quite the opposite, in fact! Ten-year-olds still love to play and these delightful toys and activities will have them learning fascinating facts, making awesome discoveries and having lots of fun along the way.


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Ages 8 and up

The world’s top astronomers got started with a telescope just like this one — and so will you. A quality refracting telescope for land or sky viewing. Perfect for observing Saturn, Jupiter, the Moon and land objects. A first look at the rings of Saturn or the craters of the Moon can inspire a lifetime of exploration. Go to any star party anywhere in the world and you’ll see more Meade telescopes than any other. Features include:

  • Slow motion controls on both axes find and track objects easily with precision controls
  • Includes red dot projection view finder for easy acquisition of guide stars while star- hopping for celestial targets
  • Heavy-duty steel tube tripod provides a rock solid platform for viewing
  • Comes with AutoStar Suite™ Astronomer Edition Software on DVD

AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition software will help you learn the night sky. It displays more than 10,000 celestial objects including planets, stars, galaxies and nebulas. You can print out star charts and even plan your observing sessions. It operates on any Windows® based PC. It also includes Instructional Videos. You’ll be up and running in no time. The universe is waiting!

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Ages 7 and up

This microscope takes the classic microscope to the next level with a special digital eyepiece! The digital eyepiece allows for improved viewing, and also connects to your computer via a USB port! The image under the scope can be viewed live on your computer screen! Perfect for the budding scientist in your family

This deluxe Digital Microscope set includes the complete microscope, digital camera eyepiece with software, and accessories. Replace the digital camera eyepiece with a standard 10X eyepiece (included) for a quality traditional microscope that the whole family can enjoy!

  • My First Lab Microscope with:
  • 10X Widefield eyepiece with pointer
  • 3 Achromatic objective lenses: 4X, 10X and 40X PowerMagnification from 40X to 400X
  • 15W illumination with UL listed cord
  • CE certified

  • Digital Microscope Eyepiece with:
  • USB port connection
  • Built in 10X lens
  • Ulead Photo Explorer CD
  • 30mm adapter suitable for stereo microscopes
  • Accessories included:
  • Vinyl dust cover
  • Five prepared glass slides
  • Four plain slides
  • One concavity slide
  • 10 Capacity Slide Box
  • Scalpel
  • Plastic forceps
  • Plastic dropper pipet
  • Cover glass
  • Lens paper
  • Spare 15W bulb
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