You’re invited to Mastermind Toys' in-store events.
Check out what's happening at a store near you.

You’re invited to Mastermind Toys' in-store events!
Check out what's happening at a store near you!

Beyblade Demo Event

September 9 - 10

Join us in-store and experience the action packed fun of Beyblades!

Try your hand at Beyblade battles and demos, and get in on the limited time offers and giveaways*!

*While quantities last.

It’s National Play-Doh Day!

September 16

Join us in-store September 16th to celebrate Play-Doh! Colour your own colouring sheet and receive a FREE can of Play-Doh*.

*While quantities last.

Sensory Friendly Shopping Hours

September 17 & 21

Twice a month, enjoy a sensory-friendly shopping experience for an inclusive and accessible environment.

Sensory friendly shopping hours will provide accommodations for neurodivergent individuals. We are looking to provide an environment that is inclusive, respectful and accessible to everyone and is appropriate for all ages and abilities - staying true to our core values and to Create Space for All to Play.

Where: Mastermind Toys stores coast-to-coast

Time: September 17 11:00 am - 12:00 pm local time • September 21 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm local time

During Sensory friendly shopping hours, our store staff will:

  • Reduce the lights in stores
  • Turn off store music
  • Turn down ringers to phones
  • Demo fidgets for a calming journey through the store
  • Reduce or eliminate scents
  • Keep up with our streamlined checkout process to avoid any waits

Grandparent's Day

October 3

Join us for Grandparent's Day!

See our toys in action with live demos by in-store Play Experts.

Plus, Perks Grandparents receive 20% off!

Not a Perks member? Join here!