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12 Years and Up

Though they may try to tell you they’re too old for toys, don’t believe them for a second. We have some of the coolest toys and games around. Even a tween who’s “too old to play” won’t be able to resist this fun for long!


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Ages 8 and up

Fly to the rescue with the Litehawk Duo! Designed as a Canadian search and rescue helicopter, this twin rotor chopper features a sturdy shell and downward-facing LED light, perfect for night missions! Advanced 3-D Gyro Stabilization ensures stable, super accurate directional flight, so whether your ascending, descending, flying forward, backward or making 360-degree turns, piloting your LiteHawk Duo is a breeze!

Features include:

  • Tandem design with 2 rotors and breakaway blades
  • Long-life lithium battery with included charger
  • Advanced 3-D Gyro Stabilizer
  • Downward-facing LED search light
  • 3-Channel radio with Soft-Touch 360-degree control
  • Unique flexible shell protecting the motors and gearing

Measures approximately 6" long.

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Ages 5 and up

More favorite stories from one of North America's best-loved storytellers!

""What makes Munsch's stories to popular? They're contemporary and zany, reflecting a jaunty belief in the power of children."" Horn Book

Includes 15 great stories

  • The Paper Bag Princess
  • The Fire Station
  • I Have to Go!
  • David's Father
  • Thomas Snowsuit
  • Pigs
  • Mortimer
  • Purple, Green and Yellow
  • Murmel Murmel Murmel
  • Something Good
  • Stephanie's Ponytail
  • Angela's Airplane
  • Jonathan Cleaned Up-Then He Heard a Sound
  • Show and Tell
  • A Promise is a Promise.

Hardcover book
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Ages 5 and up

Get to your action stations! There's a fire in LEGO® City and the firefighters need to rush to the scene in their amazing Fire Truck! Connect the hose, extend the ladder and suit up in firefighting gear. Then it's time to grab an axe, climb the ladder and extinguish that fire!

Includes 2 firefighter minifigures with assorted accessories. Features extendable ladder with rotating base, retractable hose with water LEGO® element and an opening hatch with equipment storage box. Accessories include: fire hydrant, firefighting gear, axe, fire extinguisher and a saw.

Fire Truck measures approximately 3" high x 6" long x 1" wide.

LEGO® and the LEGO® logo are trademarks of the ©2012 LEGO® Group.

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Ages 5 and up

HELP! An abandoned house is on fire and only the LEGO® City firefighters can save the day! Jump out of the fire truck and extend the ladder to reach the charred roof and flame elements! Put out the fire from above, then cut through the door with the powerful saw to douse the flames with the fire extinguisher. Turn the knob to retract the flames and show your job well done! These firefighters are always ready for action!

Includes 3 firefighters with assorted accessories. Fire truck features extendable, rotating ladder and retractable hose with a water element. Abandoned house features retractable flames, trash can and a streetlight. Accessories include smoke diver gear, axe and a saw.

Fire truck measures approximately 3" high x 6" long x 1" wide.

House measures approximately 5" high x 4" wide x 2" deep.

LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the ©2012 LEGO Group.

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Ages 5 and up

Enter a world of building fun with the LEGO® City Starter Set featuring 3 iconic vehicles. Catch the robber with the policeman on his motorcycle! Put out the fire with the fireman’s speedy fire truck. Then race to help the fallen skater boy in the ambulance. Create endless play possibilities with all the inspiration a young builder needs to explore fun ways of saving the day!

Includes 5 minifigures with accessories: robber, policeman, fireman, rescuer and a skater boy. Also includes a comic book.

  • Features an ambulance, a fire truck and a police motorcycle
  • Fire truck features removable ladder and a storage compartment
  • Ambulance features a stretcher
  • Police motorcycle features a police sign
  • Accessories include flame element, box with flame element, fire extinguisher, fire equipment, gold bar, 2 money bills, 2 diamonds, loot bag, handcuffs, skateboard, medical bag, coffee cup and a multi-function LEGO® brick separator
  • Catch the robber before he escapes with the loot!
  • Put out the fire!
  • Rush to help the fallen skater boy with the ambulance!

Ambulance measures approximately 4” long x 1” wide x 2” tall.

Fire truck measures approximately 4” long x 1” wide x 2” tall.

Police motorcycle measures approximately 2” long x 1” wide x 2” tall.

Contains 272 pieces.

LEGO® and the LEGO® logo are trademarks of the ©2013 LEGO® Group.

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5 Search Results
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Discover the playful world of Lundby! Featuring beautiful Swedish design with wonderfully modern details, Lundby doll houses and accessories are stylish living at 1:18 scale …


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