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Your four-year-old is about to enter a whole new world of incredible toys. Tiny pretend-and-play sets, amazing construction sets, and all kinds of activities and craft kits will keep your little one entertained for hours. These toys are so much fun, you won’t be able to resist joining in!


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Ages 3 and up

His name means king of the tyrant lizards and Zipp the T-Rex from Switch & Go Dinos by VTech loves being king! Zipp easily transforms from the fastest racer on the road to a fierce dinosaur predator in a few easy steps. Rev him up in vehicle or dino mode with the built-in flywheel and watch him race and roar across the floor. Press the electronic dino's buttons to hear realistic sound effects and exciting racing phrases. Switch Zipp into dinosaur mode and he’s a fierce carnivore with a powerful bite! Press the talk button to hear interesting dino facts. You can also launch him in vehicle or dino mode from a Switch & Go Dinos; Turbo Launcher (sold separately).


  • 2-in-1 toy easily transforms from a dinosaur to a vehicle and back again
  • Rev up and race the vehicle or dino with the built-in flywheel design
  • Press the talk button to learn interesting dinosaur facts
  • Realistic dinosaur and vehicle sound effects enhance play

Measures approximately 5.31” long x 2.68” wide x 3.15” tall.

Requires 1 AAA battery ("Try Me" battery included).

Each sold separately.

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Ages 3 and up

Bronco the RC Triceratops is the first remote control dinosaur from Switch & Go Dinos® Turbo by VTech®! Bronco is a 2-in-1 electronic toy that fuses dinosaurs and vehicles into one awesome play experience. With the push of a button on his remote control, Bronco transforms from a fierce triceratops to a sleek race car. Use the remote control to move forward, backward, left and right in both vehicle and dino modes. You can even use the turbo charge lever to charge his turbo boosters. Then, press the turbo boost button to give him a burst of speed! Press the buttons on the remote to turn on his headlights, hear realistic sound effects and learn cool dino facts. Bronco’s LCD screen displays cool customizable dinosaur eyes and driver animations.

Features over 70 wild sounds and phrases.

Dino measures approximately 13” long x 7” tall.

Includes 1 Switch and Go Dino, and 1 remote control.

Requires 8 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED).

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82 Search Results
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February 19, 2015

Beat the winter "blahs" with this collection of toys that will make your playroom feel like a circus! Learn a magic trick, balance like a tightrope walker, dazzle with your yo-yo skills, juggle with devil sticks or a diabolo! Play time under the big top is …


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