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7 Years

As children move toward more independence in play, we want them to find toys and activities that help encourage this independent thinking. Continuing to pretend, to build, to create and to design will help them do it. And keep them engaged and excited for hours!


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Ages 3 and up

Four colourful characters make these pool rings worth the search! Drop them in the pool and gather them up, or check out our exciting game ideas for a fresh take on a classic swimming activity!

"Maritime Mates" water toys and pool games feature cheerful characters to encourage beginning swimmers and lots of exciting games to keep big kids splashing, swimming and having a blast. Summer is even more fun with Sunny Patch pool toys!

Largest ring: 6" x 5.5" x .5"

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Ages 4 and up

Catching "flies" with an open mouth is the happy task of Verdie Chameleon! This double-sided bean bag toss game provides 2 challenging ways to play. 6 bean bags team with this colourful target to increase hand-eye coordination, number recognition and counting skills!

Sunny Patch is an imaginative world filled with whimsical, friendly characters boys and girls will love! With their Sunny Patch friends to help guide them, children are inspired to learn about and appreciate all living things.

Measures approximately 20" wide x 24.5" high.

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Ages 5 and up

The object of the Flip to Win Memory Game is to find more matches than the other player. Just pick any one of the 14 themes and get hunting for pairs. The player who has the most points after all of the matches have been made is the winner. If the players finish with the same number matches, the game is a draw. Includes 1 game board, seven double sided game cards and a two player scoreboard.

For 2 players

Measures approximately 10.5" ong x 8" wide.

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3 Search Results
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June 18, 2015

We've got all of the Our Generation girls, looks, lifestyle, and adventure you're looking for - right here! Let's meet a new friend, style some cute fashions, and enjoy a whole world of 18" doll play with accessories like …


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