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9 Years

Seven ate nine? Not if we can help it! Nine-year-olds will love playing and learning with incredible toys and activities that will amuse them for hours. Watch them grow and discover with toys, games, crafts and more.


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Ages 5 and up

The Safari Limited Bee Good Luck Mini is the perfect size to tuck into pocket or wallet, for fun on the go! While it's small for a toy, this bee is still larger than the real thing, so he can cause big laughs if used for practical jokes! This tiny figurine is expertly crafted and painted to look just like the real insect, and he wants to "bee" yours!

Safari Limited has earned a reputation for creating the most realistic, to-scale plastic models available today. Their sculptors work closely with zoos and museums to create incredibly detailed, lifelike molds from which each small plastic model is made. Safari Limited products also conform to the highest safety standards, and the plastics and paints used on each model are tested regularly to ensure that they are not hazardous or toxic to children. Experience the excellence that Safari Limited has to offer with this beautiful, fun-to-play-with plastic model!

Measures approximately 1" long, with a 1.5" wingspan.

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Ages 3 and up

The HEXBUG Nano V2 Watch Tower enables V2 enthusiasts to customize the design and layout of this 3-level set, unleashing kids' creativity. Special features include a spiral tube which the Nano V2 will climb through as it skitters up to the top of the crow's nest. Users can further control the flow of traffic by filling the attachment points on the two HEX cell bases with accessories such as fixed pegs and rotating flags that help direct where the explorative micro robot roams. Construct different configurations you design yourself and watch as the action takes place in a new way! The V2 Watch Tower is compatible with other Hexbug habitat sets (SOLD SEPARATELY).

Contains 1 Nano V2 and 51 easy to build pieces.

Includes 1 x Nano V2 bug, 1 x spiral tube, 1 x crow’s nest, 3 x straight tubes, 8 x curved tubes, 1 x curved Y tube, 17 x connectors,6 x stand-offs, 2 HEX cell bases plus, removable walls and gates, 4 x curved tracks, 8 x fixed pegs, 4 x rotating flags.

Spiral Tube measures approximately 5" long. Crow's Nest measures approximately 6" wide. Each Hex Cell Base measures approximately 6" wide.

Requires 1 button cell battery AG13 (LR44) (INCLUDED).

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2 Search Results
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