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Active, Outdoor, Sports

Just because they're kids doesn't mean they don't need exercise. And making it fun and exciting is the name of the game when it comes to enjoying it. These toys and games will get them moving in ways that will benefit them (daily activity is great for their growing bodies and minds) and you (they'll be nice and tired by bedtime!).


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Ages 1 and up

The 4 in 1 Dream tricycle with Touch Steering truly is a pleasure to ride and steer for both parents and children. Not only is it much easier to manoeuvre than the average trike thanks to the new Touch Steering technology, it also transforms in 4 different ways. Starting at 10 months parents take full control with the steering handle. As they grow they can practice steering, but thanks to the clever handlebar clutch, Mum and Dad still determine where the trike is headed! Once confidence grows they can start to try out the pedals. In the fourth stage, remove the parent handle and little one can wheel about independently from 30 months+.

With shock absorbent rubber wheels, built in suspension and a patented Swivel Wheel you’ll both love this trike. Best of all, since you can easily and quickly assemble the SmarTrike, your little one will be riding in no time!


  • Adjustable, telescopic and detachable "Touch Steering" parent handle
  • Handlebar clutch
  • Fashion printed parent bag
  • Foldable footrest
  • Front wheel with built-in suspension
  • Smart Trike full metal construction
  • Toy phone and a Bottle holder
  • Parent Foot Brake
  • Patented Swivel wheel for enhanced steering comfort
  • Foldable non-slip pedals
  • Pull-out clutch for freewheeling
  • Shock absorbing rubber wheels
  • Adjustable, detachable sun shade, minimum 30% UV protection.
  • Tipping Basket
  • Washable padded seat cover and safety bar
  • Seat belt with shoulder pads
  • Full back support

Adult assembly required.

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61 Search Results
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