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Active, Outdoor, Sports

Just because they're kids doesn't mean they don't need exercise. And making it fun and exciting is the name of the game when it comes to enjoying it. These toys and games will get them moving in ways that will benefit them (daily activity is great for their growing bodies and minds) and you (they'll be nice and tired by bedtime!).


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Ages 1 and up

This incredibly versatile scooter allows children as young as 1 year old to develop their balance, coordination and motor skills, and then grows with them, offering 3 kinds of scooting fun for kids all the way up to 6 years old! What do you do when big brother and sister are already riding the Mini Kick, and the littlest one wants to join in the fun but is still far too small? No problem - thanks to the Kick® Mini Micro Scooter with Seat!

This clever 3 in 1 kickboard design features a sturdy clip-on seat that allows small children to surf the playroom floor with ease. The seat can also be detached from the handlebar, enabling riding in a standing position. And, when the kids are old enough for the Mini Kick, simply replace the O-bar handlebar with the conventional Mini Kick T-bar (also included), and the product is transformed into the beloved Mini Kick Scooter!

This high-quality, Swiss-designed and engineered kickboard features a unique 'lean-and-steer' design with 3-wheels and rear 'spoon' brake - allowing children to ride with confidence. Polyurethane wheels create a wonderfully quiet, smooth glide and the fibreglass-reinforced flex deck is made of soft plastic to reduce the risk of injury. Its light weight makes it easy for parents or kids to pick up and carry when necessary, and the aluminium steering column can be easily detached by way of a child-resistant safety catch on the underside of the scooter.

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 59.4 lbs
  • O-bar: 17" from standing deck to top of the O-bar hoop (not adjustable)
  • T-bar: 24" from standing deck to top of the T-bar handles (not adjustable)
  • Seat levels: 7.9" and 11" high.
  • Scooter: 20.9" long x 4.5" wide
  • Deck: 11.8" long x 4.5" wide
  • Front Wheels: 4.7" in diameter, spread 7.9" apart for stability
  • Back Wheel: 3.3" in diameter
  • Handle bar: 9.8" across, covered with thick, soft and durable rubber grips
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
List Price:  $129.99
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61 Search Results
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