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Arts, Crafts and Creative Expression

Creativity unbound! There is nothing more pure than what children create themselves... the power of thought without limits. Our collection of creative toys provides a canvas, a stage, a song, and anything else you can imagine to help bring childhood creations to life.


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Ages 5 and up

Everything you need to create and decorate your own fairytale, just add imagination! With the self-adhesive rhinestones, sticker sheets; glitter, colour-in, and full colour, mini markers, and the hardcover book, you will be all ready start your career as an author! Glue your photo in the castle window, decorate with the glitter stickers and sparkling rhinestones, and the open the door to personalize your storybook! Castle book contains 10 blank pages for your mind to run wild.

Book measures approximately 8" wide x 10.75" high.

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