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When only the “best” will do, this collection of best selling toys has something for children of all ages! Whether you're looking for cool construction toys or lovable dolls, these customer favourites are sure to please!


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Our Price:   $11.99
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Ages 5 and up

Get sucked into the game with the Sick Bricks Sick Team Pack! Build 5 figures and battle against the evil Omega Overloard to save Sick City!

  • Beam any character or build up set into the FREE Sick Bricks game using your smartphone or tablet camera (not included) to uncover their unique combat abilities.
  • Need more powers? Mix and match your real world Sick Bricks body parts to unlock new character combos with super powers in the digital game!
  • Download the Sick Bricks Game for FREE on iPhone/iPad, Android and Kindle. Device not included.

Includes 5 Sick Bricks figures, 2 Team Bricks, and 1 Instruction Sheet

Each set sold separately.

Ships in randomly selected, assorted styles, according to availability.

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Our Price:   $29.99
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Ages 8 and up

This 3-D handheld game looks pretty intriguing - just wait 'til you start to play it! You'll figure out the concept quickly and easily. Get the little ball to follow the right-side up, upside-down, sideways and twisted pathway. Watch out! Don't let it come off the track or you'll start again! Twist and turn the game to get the ball to move along.

With 100 barriers, twists, turns, cliffhangers and more, Perplexus is the ultimate 3-D labyrinth challenge! The entire experience will leave you perplexed and entertained all at the same time. A great game for all ages because it's easy to learn, yet tough to master!

Measures approximately 10" in diameter.

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Our Price:   $12.99
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Ages 5 and up

This colourful little DigiBird will brighten up your day with its beautiful singing! It mimics a real bird by moving its head and beak while it sings and tweets. To start a serenade simply blow or whistle onto the bird. The DigiBird’s stand doubles as a working whistle.

Collect more DigiBirds and start your own choir by switching the setting to Chorus Mode. The new bird-friends will synchronize with each other to sing the same song!

The DigiBirds can sing 20 different songs to you. If 20 songs aren’t enough, you can access 14 additional songs through the free App for IOS Smartphone or Tablet. Play DigiBirds App mini-games to unlock the new songs.

Includes 1 DigiBird.

Measures approximately 3.5" tall.

Requires 3 LR44 batteries (included).

Each sold separately. Ships in randomly selected, assorted colours according to availability.

Winner of the Girls Toy of the Year 2014 Award by the Australian Toy Association.

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3 Search Results
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January 26, 2016

Valentine's Day is a fun time to spend some time together and tell those we love exactly how much we care about them. I very fondly remember making construction paper mailboxes and paper doily Valentines. If you're looking for some lovely Valentine's …


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