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Dress-Up, Pretend and Make Believe

All the world's a stage... literally. Our selection of comfortable and durable make believe gear, and creative pretend and play items will bring out the star in every child!


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Ages 2 and up

Be a Princess or a Queen with this magical tiara! It has a beautiful beaded crown with little jewels all over, and is wrapped in white and pink ribbons. There are a few ribbons hanging from the back of the tiara that makes it even more beautiful.

Playing Dress Up Encourages:

  • a child to stretch their imagination in powerful new roles
  • Language skills
  • Communication skills
  • Social Skills
  • Dexterity skills

Great Pretenders dress up products are made from durable, premium-quality material and exceptional workmanship.

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Ages 3 and up

These truly fabulous fairy wings will make the perfect addition to your dress-up outfit! They're easy to get on and off - just slip your arms through the loops and wear them like you would wear a backpack. The wings are a hot pink mesh material, trimmed with glitter and decorated with sparkling sequins.Also included is a matching faux maribou halo, complete with bow, rosette and trailing pink ribbons.

Best of all, everything comes in a pink see-through cloth bag with pink ribbon drawstrings and luxurious faux maribou trimming - the perfect place to store your wings and halo in between play times!

Great Pretenders products by Creative Education are made with durable, premium-quality material and exceptional workmanship.

Wingspan measures approximately 16" wide x 14" high.

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82 Search Results
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