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Ages 8 and up

Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits with 100 Experiments

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Snap Circuits® Jr. makes learning about electronics a snap! This award –winning kit comes with over 30 colour-coded, real circuit components that can be easily snapped together to create working circuit boards just like the ones found inside televisions, radios and other electronic devices. The easy-to-follow project manual includes instructions for building 100 exciting electronic projects including a flying saucer, a police siren, a musical doorbell, a voice-controlled lamp and much, much more! An added bonus - no tools are required. Hours of hands-on fun for curious minds, ages 8 - 108.

Measures approximately 15" long x 10" high by 2" wide.

Requires 2 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED).

Named one of Doctor Toy's 100 Best Children's products!

Manufacturer #: SC100
Mastermind #:  58468
Package Dimensions: 10" x 2" x 15"

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2 stories for Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits with 100 Experiments
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By grapefruit
Snap circuits
This is what I liked about it:

Love this toy! Easy to use. instruction manual is simple to follow and experiments were fun.

This is what I wish were better:

Should come with a pair of batteries! there is a big jump in price between the original sets and the next level... a bit pricey for a child who wants to build on her collection.


My daughter LOVES this. She immediately asked for a second set and spent her own money to buy it. She is now on the hunt for a third set. I love the "I wonder what would happen if....." that I hear while she builds and alters the instructions in the book. Very easy to use, and fine for non readers as well as the circuit diagrams are colour coded and easy to follow. Not at all frustrating for grownups either! First kit came with a "map" under the storage tray which makes it easy to make sure all the bits and pieces are located. Fun! Probably one of the bigger kits will be under the tree at Christmas!

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By margaret_daly
Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits / 100 Experiments
This is what I liked about it:

Everything: the design, the concept, the manual & explanations of what each experiment demonstrates -- all are excellent.

This is what I wish were better:

Nothing really.


This was the hit of our grandson's Christmas. He took to the instruction manual right away (although he usually prefers to dive in!) -- and following the schematic drawings to assemble each experiment was a teaching/learning process in itself. There was none of the frustration common to kids' science kits. The experiments worked -- they showed what electronic principle they were supposed to show -- they were entertaining. It was easy to visualize using the principles to set up electronic devices around the house: He's already made a circuit-breaker alarm that goes off if anyone tries to enter his toy bin! Wonderful product!

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2 stories for Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits with 100 Experiments
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February 17, 2017.

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