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Ages 5 and up

Reinforce French vocabulary with a game that utilizes auditory and visual learning styles. Players see the image, the name of the item in French, and hear it pronounced by the caller. Eye-catching illustrations, reading and pronounciation practice bring learning French to life - all in a fun bingo game format!

Includes: pronounciation guide, cloth bag, 6 game boards and 48 tiles.

For 2 to 6 players.

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Ages 8 and up

From day one to exam success! This easy to use dictionary allows you to translate words from English to French and vise versa. It includes a section of French Verb Tables which demonstrates how to conjugate the verb in different tenses. This dictionary also includes a table for irregular verb forms.

Dictionary features all the words and phrases you need! No jargon or unclear symbols, useful grammar pages, and a full guide to using the dictionary. Learn more French with the guide to self-expression, a new line for each translation, all essential set expressions, clear helpful examples to show you how to use the translation, and colour for clarity!

Softcover, containing 640 pages.

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Ages 3 and up

By Barbara Reid

Les magnifiques œuvres de pâte à modeler de Barbara Reid ravivent ce grand classique de Noël. Ici, les joyeux animaux modelés par l’artiste de renom s’animent au fil des pages pour donner un ton typiquement canadien au célèbre poème de Clement Moore. Un très joyeux Noël à tous!

Hardcover contains 32 pages.

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3 Search Results
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