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Since 1932, LEGO® has been inspiring children to explore their inner creative curiosity and potential through their range of high quality, super fun building systems. In the hands of children, LEGO® products inspire a unique form of play that is challenging, creative, engaging and entertaining.

LEGO®, the LEGO® logo, the Brick configuration are trademarks of the LEGO® Group. © 2016 The LEGO Group. Produced by Dorling Kindersley under licence from the LEGO® Group.


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Ages 7 and up

Join Emma and Stephanie at the Camp Tree House for a crazy climbing challenge! The camp leader, Joy, with her tamed eagle Elvis, will guide you as you scale the climbing wall over the waterfall. Then use your balance to master the turning bridge and reach the treetops. You did it! Now whizz down the slide to catch a fish and cook it in the kitchen for supper with your friends, then tuck up in bed before another adventure tomorrow.

Includes Stephanie, Emma and Joy the camp leader mini-doll figures in sportswear, plus an eagle and a fox, a helmet, trophy, flags, fishing rod and a camera, a book, saucepan, cup, chicken leg, marmalade and a lamp.

Contains 726 pieces.

Adventure Camp Tree House measures over 10” (26cm) tall x 11” (29cm) wide x 4” (12cm) long.

LEGO® and the LEGO® logo are trademarks of the ©2016 LEGO® Group.

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Ages 8 and up

Drive with Livi the pop star on her amazing Tour Bus! The Tour Bus is a home away from home for Livi when she is on the road, and has everything a pop star needs to relax and prepare for performances. Chill out in the living area and help Livi go through her fan mail before having fun singing karaoke on the TV with her friends Stephanie and Mia. Stop the bus and reveal the rehearsal stage area for Livi to practice for tonight’s show, while her friends watch from their sun loungers under the umbrella with some drinks and snacks. Pump some tunes from the DJ decks as Livi joins them after rehearsal to get in the party mood. Then relax in the hot tub before Stephanie takes the wheel and drives Livi to the venue in time for the big show!

Includes 3 mini-doll figures: Livi the pop star, Stephanie and Mia, tour bus, TV, bed, hot tub, rehersal stage, 2 tables, umbrella, 3 sun loungers, DJ booth, speakers, pylons, fan letter, flowers, bottles, beauty products, microphone, bag, newspaper, bowl, drinks, and food.

Bus measures approximately 4” tall x 10” long x 2” wide.

Contains 682 pieces.

LEGO® and the LEGO® logo are trademarks of the ©2015 LEGO® Group.

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Ages 6 and up

Build and customize your dream family home with a modern edge! LEGO® Friends Emma’s House shows off all the creative skills of Emma’s family. Prepare a tasty meal in their state-of-the-art kitchen using vegetables grown in their own garden and fresh ingredients from the opening fridge. Then sit the family down in the living room to watch a movie together on the flat-screen TV. Emma loves having her friends over to hang out in her bedroom, which she designed herself, and admire the view from her balcony. Help her practice with her make-up in front of the big vanity mirror after a nice long bubble bath in the bathroom. Do some painting in the beautiful zen garden, featuring a birdhouse for her pet bird, or host a barbecue with friends on the relaxing roof terrace.

Includes 3 mini-doll figures: Emma, mom Charlotte and dad Luis, plus her pet bird; house with attic room, balcony, and bicycle; kitchen with opening fridge, opening dishwasher, sink, drawer, hob, table with three chairs, and a lamp; living room with sofa, coffee table, and flat-screen TV, bedroom with a bed, vanity with mirror, and sliding balcony door; bathroom with a bath, toilet, and sink; roof terrace with a barbeque, table, and stool; garden with a vegetable patch, zen garden, functioning mailbox, and a turning birdhouse; frog, canvas, paintbrush, perfume bottle, beauty products, camera, cooking utensil, plates, fruit cups, drink, chicken leg, book, bucket, and an intercom.

Emma’s house measures approximately 9” long x 8” tall x 7” wide
Bicycle measures approximately 1” long x 1” tall x 1” wide

Contains 706 pieces.

LEGO® and the LEGO® logo are trademarks of the ©2015 LEGO® Group.

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3 Search Results
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