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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this page is to provide Mastermind Toys staff and customers with answers to frequently asked questions about Web Store operations. You can add a question by contacting the Web. click here to email us

Gift Certificates

Can a customer purchase gift certificates on the Web?
Yes! Gift Certificates are available on the web and are physically mailed out to recipients. Once received they can be redeemed in our stores or online.

Can gift certificates be redeemed immediately?
No sorry, our systems are not currently set up for electronic shipment. Out gift certificates must be mailed and physically received before they can be redeemed.

Sale Specials

Does the Web offer the same specials as the stores?
The Web usually tries to keep in synch with the stores on all specials. However this is not always the case. There are times when the stores will have specials which are not published on the Web.

Are there specials exclusive to the Web?
Yes, from time to time the Web will have a Web special that is not offered at the store level. These specials apply only to online orders.

Product Pricing

Is the pricing on the Web the same as in the store?
Yes. Generally prices on the Web are exactly the same as at the store level. There are a few exceptions from time to time for Web only promotional specials, but these are exceptions.

Do we price match other Web sites or other retail stores?
Our pricing policy is to be as competitive as possible. However, as a practice we don't price match as there are many situations where large retailers arrange for special promotional purchases, making it impossible for retailers like ourselves to compete.

Custom Duties

Do customers pay Canadian or US duties to orders shipped to U.S. destinations?
NO. Typically, most orders are duty exempt. There are some exceptions but these are handled by building these costs into the order. Customers or recipients of orders are not required to pay additional duties at time of receipt. The only charges to the customer are those that are shown on the online order. No other charges are required to be paid by customers. If they are asked for any additional payments they should contact customer service immediately.

Do U.S. customers pay duties on orders with Canadian shipping destinations?
NO. There are no additional duties applicable to these types of orders. Any duties applicable are already paid on imported goods and are included in the retail price. However the customer will be required to pay GST and PST based on the ship to address (see taxes).

Sales Taxes

Do customers pay sales taxes on Web orders?
It varies. The payment of taxes is based on the Ship to address of the order.
HST is applied to all orders shipped to an Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Newfoundland and Labrador address regardless of the billing address.
GST is applied to orders shipped to addresses outside of Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Newfoundland and Labrador.

Product Selection

Does the Web offer all the products available at the store level?
It varies.The Web only carries a percentage of the product available at the store level. Although we try to offer all the most popular items and as much product as possible, it is simply not possible to list it all.

Payment Options

How can customers pay on the Web?
The Web offers may different payment options.

  • Canadian Credit Cards - VISA, Master Card, AMEX
  • US Credit Cards - VISA, Master Card
  • Phone Orders - via credit cards as above, create an order, click pay by phone and call the toll free number.


  • Shipping - Pricing Policy

    What does Mastermind charge for shipping? Mastermind's policy on shipping costs is to pass on the actual cost of shipping for all Web orders. There is no handling charges and no uplift on these costs. The rates used are Mastermind's volume discounted rates based on size and weight of orders. This saving is passed on to our customers on all Web orders.

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