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  • Mastermind Toys 2-in-1 Crokinole & Checkers Set

    AGES 6+

    • 2 in 1 Octagon shape game board - 1 side to play Crokinole & another side to play Checkers (checker board size 290mm x 290mm).
    • Solid wood frame + MDF with sticker for board & Metal
    • Light wood pattern sticker & print Mastermind brand Blue 306C in gutter area on Crokinole, lines & numbers & the color of Checkers board.
    • 24pcs round & thick wood playing pcs Dia 1", H 0.5" to play both games; 12pcs @ each color, with varnish added.
    • Bilingual instruction sheet (print in black and white)
    • Styrofoam insert to protect product
    • A blue fabric bag is included, 2 colours on white background sew-in label will be added to the bag.

    Mastermind Toys complies with shipping restrictions determined by international trading regulations. This item cannot be shipped outside of Canada.

    Mastermind Toys 2-in-1 Crokinole & Checkers Set $99.99
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    Product Specification

    Product name: Mastermind Toys 2-in-1 Crokinole & Checkers Set

    Brand: Made By Mastermind Toys

    Manufacturer number: TG1920_MM

    Mastermind number: 230787

    Shipping weight (lbs): 7.5265044

    Package dimensions (inches): 29.01569 x 28.62199 x 2.83464

    Country of Origin: China