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  • Things…Game Schitts Creek Edition

    AGES 14+

    Everyone's favorite game meets everyone's favorite show!

    In this hilarious game, you read a topic card and then write down your response. It can be anything that comes to mind—there's no right or wrong answer! Then all the responses are read aloud, and you have to figure out who said what! You won't believe the THINGS... the people you know will come up with!
    With the Schitt’s Creek Edition, explore your thoughts about the show and its hilarious characters and see what THINGS… you’ll say!

    Ages 14 to adult, 4 or more players.

    SCHITT’S CREEK INSANITY – The hilarity of the TV show Schitt’s Creek collides with the fun of The Game of THINGS… to make an instant party must-play!
    AWESOME PARTY GAME – Perfect for 4 or more players with topics that are sure to leave you laughing!
    LEARN ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS – You won’t believe the THINGS… you’ll hear as you try to figure out who said what!
    UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION – There are no right answers... there are no wrong answers... Just a lot of laughs!
    FAN FAVORITE – The perfect collectable for any Schitt’s Creek fan!

    Things…Game Schitts Creek Edition $29.99
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    Product name: Things…Game Schitts Creek Edition

    Manufacturer number: 7714

    Mastermind number: 223226

    Shipping weight (lbs): 1.69

    Package dimensions (inches): 9 x 6 x 1.8

    Country of Origin: China