A milestone for the mind-bending brand that became a cultural icon – celebrate with puzzles both classic and contemporary!

Rubik's® The Original 3x3 Cube Brain Puzzle

It’s the OG of 3D brain-busters and still the best-selling puzzle of all time – addictive, utterly unputdownable and sure to ensnare new generations.

$15.99 | Ages 6+

Rubik's® Edge

One-third the size, but ALL the fun! This pared-down 3D puzzle is a Rubik’s challenge that fits WAY better in a pocket than a cube.

$9.99 | Ages 8+

Rubik's® Cube 2x2

This mini version of the Rubik’s Cube is pretty much custom-made for loot bags. But don’t let its small size fool you: it’s got 3.6 million permutations but only ONE solution.

$10.99 | Ages 6+

Rubik’s: A History


Hungarian architecture professor Ernő Rubik creates a twistable art piece to help illustrate three-dimensional problems for his students.


Rubik adds 54 stickers in six iconic colours – one for each cube face – and takes more than a month to solve the puzzle for the first time.


The “Magic Cube” becomes popular in communist Hungary but faces manufacturing and export restrictions. Time to find newer, bigger markets!


Game expert Tom Kremer spots the puzzle at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. He immediately sees it’s something exceptional and acquires worldwide distribution rights.


After rebranding and redesigning the puzzle to be half the weight of the original – and therefore easier to manipulate – the Ideal Toy Company introduces the world to the Rubik’s Cube.


Sales of the Rubik's Cubes start off modestly but soon skyrocket into the millions thanks to TV ads and word of mouth.


As the Rubik's Cube craze grows, how-to books offering solving strategies become bestsellers.


In Budapest, Hungary, American Minh Thai wins the very first Rubik’s World Championship, solving the Cube in just 22.95 seconds.


Ernố Rubik is named President of the Hungarian Engineering Academy.


To celebrate the Cube’s 15th anniversary, Diamond Cutters International creates the Masterpiece Cube, whose 54 “stickers” are each made up of 25 gems.


You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube launches in the USA. This educational outreach program provides resources to incorporate the Cube into math classes. (The program arrives in Canada in 2018.)


At the O2 Arena in London in November, fans set a Guinness World Record: 1,414 Cubes solved in less than 30 minutes!


The Rubik’s Cube toy and The You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube program receive STEM Accreditation.


Australian Feliks Zemdegs sets a new record for a single solve: an astonishing 4.22 seconds.

2020 and beyond

Rubik’s continues to push the boundaries of puzzling possibility!