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  • Adventures in Fosterland #1 Emmett and Jez Book

    AGES 6+

    From New York Times bestselling author Hannah Shaw—also known as Kitten Lady—comes the first book in an exciting and heartwarming new chapter book series following kittens and other baby animals in Fosterland!

    When a tiny piglet named Emmett bounces off the truck carrying his mother and siblings, he's lost, hungry, and stuck on the side of the road. He has no idea where he's supposed to go, or where he belongs. Then a giant scoops Emmett up and takes him to a wonderful, magical place called Fosterland, where he meets a kitten named Jez. Emmett has a lot of questions, and once he hears all about life as a kitten, he decides it's much better than being a piglet. So, Emmett decides to just become a kitten instead! Problem solved. But as both Jez and Emmett grow older and realize they might be headed off to different forever homes, Emmett will have to confront his fears and face the scariest question of all: Is there a Foreverland out there for him?

    Adventures in Fosterland #1 Emmett and Jez Book $8.99
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    Product Specification

    Title: Adventures in Fosterland #1 Emmett and Jez Book

    ISBN: 9781665901185

    Mastermind number: 225379

    Shipping weight (lbs): 1

    Package dimensions (inches): 7.62519685 x 5.12519685 x 0.32

    Author: Hannah Shaw

    Illustrator: Bev Johnson

    Format: Softcover

    Publisher: Aladdin

    Series: Adventures in Fosterland

    Pages: 144