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    AGES 3+

    The Maple Cats are cute tabby cats with folded ears. The Maple Cat Family set includes four figures: The Maple Cat father, mother, boy and girl. The figures can be posed by moving the head, arms and legs. Mother, Georgina loves to make gelato from the fruits that are in season. She even comes up with new ways to serve it! Everyone is always saying her gelato is delicious. Father, Theodore is very good at giving directions. No matter where the villagers want to go, he knows just how to get there. He has a little notebook where he writes about all kinds of things that he sees when he's out and about. Sister, Millie is good at growing flowers and decorating with them. She likes to talk about her favourite hobby with her family and friends. Brother, Jasper loves to read. He likes to read in the park and jump into the exciting worlds of his books.

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    Product Specification

    Product name: Calico Critters Maple Cat Family

    Brand: Calico Critters

    Manufacturer number: CF1794

    Mastermind number: 208946

    Shipping weight (lbs): 0.18

    Package dimensions (inches): 7.75 x 6.75 x 2.25

    Country of Origin: China