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  • Celestron Kids Microscope Kit with Smartphone Adapter

    AGES 8+

    Explore, discover, and enjoy. The Celestron Kids Microscope is a great tool for in-home or on-the-road learning.

    Introduce young minds to the world of microscopes and all things small.Your Celestron Kids Microscope has some of the same features as a professional microscope, like a mechanical stage to view your object, so kids will be prepared for the more complex instruments when they encounter them in a classroom or lab. View specimens with a three objective lenses (50x, 100x and 200x), as well as a 2x zoom to further enhance details.

    Illuminating lights above and below the mechanical stage are perfect for viewing opaque or translucent subjects with amazing clarity.If you go on an adventure outside, detach the microscope's head and bring it along for exciting discoveries afield! With the microscope in hand, you'll have the power to get up close to specimens in the field without disturbing them, even if they are moving. The microscope head fits perfectly in your jacket or pants pocket.

    Capture and share what you find with the smartphone adapter accessory! Simply slide the adapter over the eyepiece, place your phone on the rigid frame, and snap away. Your phone will also provide magnification of the object you are observing.The Celestron Kids Microscope comes with a slide preparation kit including a tweezer, dropper, and three clear reusable slide covers and one prepared slide; all make setting up slides quick and easy.

    Celestron Kids Microscope Kit with Smartphone Adapter $99.99
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    Product Specification

    Product name: Celestron Kids Microscope Kit with Smartphone Adapter

    Brand: Celestron

    Manufacturer number: 44119

    Mastermind number: 223123

    Shipping weight (lbs): 1

    Package dimensions (inches): 11 x 6 x 5

    Battery: 3 x AA (Sold separately)

    Country of Origin: China