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  • CreArt Space Explorer Painting by Numbers Set

    AGES 7+

    Blast your child's creativity into outer space with screen-free fun that shoots for the stars with CreArt "Space Explorer" Painting by Numbers set!

    Watch your children's imaginations rocket to outer space as they create this exciting "Space Explorer" painting! They can relax with this fun and satisfying paint-by-number kit, complete with everything needed to make and display their very own masterpiece! Success is simple, with colour-outlined sections and matching, odourless acrylic paints to ensure picture-perfect results. Finish in about 4 hours, let dry, then use the included frame to proudly display your budding artist's talent!

    Looking for a fun activity that keeps your kids off their screens? Help them discover their inner artist with CreArt, our high-quality Painting by Numbers sets! With kid-friendly images designed to match abilities, budding artists can complete a painting in just a few hours. Each section is outlined in its paint colour to ensure great results. Painting is a creative activity that may improve dexterity and concentration while providing a sense of satisfaction and relaxing calm!

    CreArt contains everything children need to create their painting: a high-quality, thick painting board; 10 water-based, opaque acrylic paints in numbered pots; palette to hold the easy-open/resealable paint pots steady; durable, fine-point paintbrush; easy-to-follow guide sheet; and frame to display their finished artwork. Makes a great gift!

    Measures approximately 5.1 x 7.1 inches (13 x 18 cm).

    CreArt Space Explorer Painting by Numbers Set $19.99
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    Product name: CreArt Space Explorer Painting by Numbers Set

    Brand: CreART

    Manufacturer number: 23560

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