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Djubi Original Set


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Djubi (pronounced joo-bee) is the all-new outdoor toy that's a huge hit with kids and adults alike. This game can be a simple 2-player game or for a big group of people. However you choose to play this game of catch, you're going to have a blast. The uniquely-designed racquets have a mesh net inside and a sturdy plastic oblong shape with an easy grip handle. At the top of the racquet is a little hook, this is where you'll place the loop of the Djubi ball to launch it easily up to 100 feet where your catch partner will try to catch it in their racquet's net. Now it's their turn to launch it and your turn to catch!

Each Djubi set contains 2 racquets and 2 Djubi balls with loops. Great for parks, beaches, backyards or play in the pool - it floats! Each racquet measures about 16" long.

Awarded the coveted Best Toy for Kids award from ASTRA Best Toys For Kids!

Product Specification

Product name: Djubi Original Set

Brand: Djubi

Manufacturer number: 5000

Mastermind number: 109616

Shipping weight (lbs): 1.05

Package dimensions (inches): 17.2 x 10.4 x 2.8