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  • Elinor Wonders Why: The Seed of an Idea Book

    AGES 3+

    Elinor and her friends solve a "sticky" mystery in this picture book based on the PBS KIDS series.

    Elinor is fascinated by the strap on Ari's cool new watch. It makes a skrrrrtch sound when he opens it, and then he can just press it closed again. "The two parts stick together like tape, but they aren't sticky!" Elinor says. How does it work? She just has to figure it out! With the help of Ari and Olive, Elinor decides to investigate which other things the material on the watch strap sticks to --- the rug, a sweater --- and which it doesn't --- everything else, it seems. Then, while they're searching outside, some spiky seeds get stuck on Ari's sweater. Elinor discovers they make the same sound as the watch strap when she pulls them off. Could the seeds be a clue to unraveling the mystery? Based on the Daytime Emmy-nominated PBS KIDS series Elinor Wonders Why from creators Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson, this picture book is an excellent choice for wannabe inventors and curious junior scientists alike. It highlights how nature has given humans some great ideas, as the characters learn how Velcro works and how it was invented. The back matter includes fun facts about other inventions inspired by nature, a key vocabulary word and a simple activity to explore further. A thoroughly entertaining read, this book also works for lessons on structures and inventions and their connections to nature, as well as on the characteristics of living things.

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    Title: Elinor Wonders Why: The Seed of an Idea Book

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