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    The rose chafer has wonderful chromatic variation.

    Mostly metallic green in colour, sometimes with a red tint, but very rarely with blue, purple or black. It likes sunny places from April to October but especially in summer from June to August. It eats the stamens of flowers for their pollen as well as whole flowers such as roses, fruit tree blossom, elderflowers and others. It can also feed on ripe fruit on elder trees, roses, privet or meadowsweets.

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    Product Specification

    Product name: European Rose Chafer

    Brand: Papo

    Manufacturer number: 50290

    Mastermind number: 234064

    Shipping weight (lbs): 0.0110231

    Package dimensions (inches): 1.69291338582677 x 1.5748031496063 x 0.590551181102362

    Battery: not applicable (Not Included)

    Country of Origin: China