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    Set in Saskatchewan during the Great Depression, this is the story of hockey legend Gordie Howe and his first experience with skating.

    The book is charmingly illustrated in full colour by Leanne Franson. Bill Waiser is a popular historian and Governor-General?s-Award-winning author. Times were hard for five-year-old Gordie and his family in the 1930s. One day, a neighbour, desperate for some money, sold Mrs. Howe a bag of meager possessions. Inside was something wonderful: an old pair of men?s hockey skates. Even though they were several sizes too large, Gordie and his sister pounced on them. At first, she and Gordie tried skating on just one foot? then holding hands to keep their balance. Eventually, his sister abandoned her skate, and Gordie grabbed it. He never looked back! Gordie?s Skate is an ode to the love of hockey and a tale about hard times, where a family makes do with what little they had, even eating oatmeal for lunch and supper. It?s also a story about kids creating their own fun, with determination?Gordie and his friends played for hours with little or no equipment. This inspirational picture book shows how people came to depend on one another to endure the Great Depression. Gordie Howe?s long and celebrated NHL career owed much to his mother?s willingness to help a neighbour.

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    Author: Bill Waiser

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    Pages: 24