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  • Kaboom! A Volcano Erupts Book

    AGES 5+

    The story of a volcano's eruption, as it's never been told before!

    A perfect pick for budding volcanologists - or any child who can't resist a good kaboom! Here's a step-by-step story of a volcanic eruption - told from the volcano's point of view! Readers meet the volcano as it placidly slumbers, which it's been doing for thousands of years. Then things begin to stir to life deep inside. First come the hisses, as hot magma moves into a chamber beneath the volcano. Then, steam, gas and ash start to gurgle and sputter out, followed by the magma and gases rising up. Finally, the volcano shouts, "I'm awake!" as lava, hot rocks and billows of ash erupt out of its vents with a giant kaboom! In this lively informational picture book, Jessica Kulekjian uses a playful and spirited tone to introduce the thrilling natural phenomenon of an erupting volcano. The unique first-person narrative makes this a perfect read-aloud, giving listeners the opportunity to act out what's happening. The volcano's narration is augmented by the comments of a red bird who appears on every spread to provide the play-by-play and to introduce easily digestible volcanic facts and terms, from magma chamber and tectonic plates to ash clouds. The quirky, funny artwork by Pulitzer Prize-nominated cartoonist and illustrator Zoe Si uses cutaway illustrations for a look inside the volcano. The text has been vetted by volcano experts. Backmatter includes a volcano's anatomy, phases and types, and sources for further learning. An excellent choice for earth science lessons on volcanoes, earth's crust, minerals, rocks and erosion.

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    Title: Kaboom! A Volcano Erupts Book

    ISBN: 9781525306495

    Mastermind number: 232198

    Shipping weight (lbs): 0.93

    Package dimensions (inches): 10.4 x 7.15 x 0.5

    Author: Jessica Kulekjian

    Illustrator: Zoe Si

    Format: Hardcover

    Publisher: Kids Can Press

    Pages: 32