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Let's Decorate a Large Cardboard House


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Personalize your very own country house! You choose the colours and where they go on this cute house that has all the details printed on, but there is no need to stay inside the lines! Use your own crayons, markers and paint to create your own colourful abode. Best of all, it's not just a work of art to look at, you can play inside the house too!

In your playroom or the backyard on a dry, sunny day this sturdy cardboard house is an awesome place to colour and play.

Details like paw prints, the cat printed on the roof and cut outs like a mischevious mouse with a piece of cheese, add another dimension to this house that brings a smile to your face.

A great gift for young ones who love to colour on everything! A fun group activity that is easy and rewarding!

Simple assembly is required.

Product Specification

Product name: Let's Decorate a Large Cardboard House

Manufacturer number: GL8972

Mastermind number: 123648

Shipping weight (lbs): 9.8

Package dimensions (inches): 34.2 x 20.5 x 2.9