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  • Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic

    AGES 4+

    The most fun & nostalgic way to create art with light with the new version of Lite Brite that looks like the one from the 80's!

    This new Lite Brite version has an identical shaped tablet, 6 retro pieces of artwork templates and 150+ colourful pegs. The pegs have been redesigned to be as bright as ever! Create beautiful art by inserting the pegs into different designs or freestyle and create your own – then press the button to see your masterpiece light up 4 different ways – from steady to blinking!

    This new inspired retro version comes in a white unit, 156 all round pegs and 6 templates. Make a sign or design a masterpiece, then turn off the lights for the ultimate effect.

    Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic $29.99
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    Product Specification

    Product name: Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic

    Brand: Lite-Brite

    Manufacturer number: 2215

    Mastermind number: 212710

    Shipping weight (lbs): 1.38

    Battery: 3 x AA (Sold separately)

    Country of Origin: China