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    AGES 4+

    Molly wants to look her best for picture day at her school, and what looks better than a tux?Molly's school picture day is coming up, and she wants to have a perfect portrait taken to hang on their wall.

    Her mom has picked out a nice dress for her, but Molly knows from experience that dresses are trouble. They have tight places and hard-to-reach zippers, and worst of all, no pockets! Luckily, she has the perfect thing to save picture day--her brother's old tuxedo!But mom doesn't want her to wear a tuxedo in the photo; she thinks Molly looks best in the dress. Can Molly find the courage to follow her heart and get her mom to realize just how awesome she'd look in a tux? This book highlights a gender nonconforming main character and is published in partnership with GLAAD to accelerate LGBTQ inclusivity and acceptance.

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    Title: Molly's Tuxedo Book

    ISBN: 9781499813142

    Mastermind number: 230117

    Shipping weight (lbs): 0.815003922

    Package dimensions (inches): 11 x 8.5 x 0.125

    Author: Vicki Johnson

    Illustrator: Gillian Reid

    Format: Hardcover

    Publisher: little bee books

    Pages: 40