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    AGES 4+

    When Jule Ann goes outside in her brand-new clothes, a mud puddle jumps on her and gets her completely dirty. The mud gets in her ears, eyes, and even her mouth. Jule Ann's mother scrubs her clean and puts her in new clothes, but every time Jule Ann ventures out, the mud puddle finds her and pounces. Finally, Jule Ann has had enough: clutching two bars of smelly yellow soap, she heads outside one more time…A newly designed Classic Munsch picture book introduces this charming tale of unavoidable mess to a new generation of young readers.

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    Product Specification

    Title: Mud Puddle Book

    ISBN: 9781773211107

    Mastermind number: 213455

    Shipping weight (lbs): 0.22

    Package dimensions (inches): 8 x 8 x 0.12

    Author: Robert Munsch

    Illustrator: Dusan Petricic

    Format: Softcover

    Publisher: Annick Press

    Pages: 32