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  • Pokémon Primers: Fire Types Book

    AGES 3+

    Light the Way with Pikachu to Meet Fire-Type Pokémon!

    Pikachu is going camping, and it can't wait to enjoy a toasty fire with its pals. There's just one problem-it needs help starting the campfire! Come along as Pikachu asks some Fire-type Pokémon friends for help! Will they be able to light the campfire? Pokémon Primers: Fire Types is a fun, interactive way to introduce Fire-type Pokémon to young children, with over 100 lift-and-reveal flaps to enjoy. Take your Trainer-in-training on a Pokémon adventure today!

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    Product Specification

    Title: Pokémon Primers: Fire Types Book

    ISBN: 9781604382235

    Mastermind number: 229497

    Author: Josh Bates

    Format: Board Book

    Publisher: Pikachu Press

    Series: Pokemon

    Pages: 28