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  • Save the People! Halting Human Extinction Book

    AGES 10+

    "Save the People is engaging, funny, affecting and delightful.

    You'll never have more fun learning science." --Stuart Gibbs, bestselling author of the Spy School series

    "Serious science and great gags, with a bit of hope thrown in." --Steven Sheinkin, bestselling author of Bomb and Fallout

    An action-packed look at past, present, and future threats to humanity's survival-with an ultimately reassuring message that humans probably have a few more millennia in us.Scientists estimate that 99% of all species that have ever existed are now extinct. Whoa. So, it's not unreasonable to predict humans are doomed to become fossil records as well. But what could lead to our demise? Supervolcanos? Asteroids?�The�sun going dark? Climate change? All�the�above?! Humans-with our big brains, opposable thumbs, and speedy Wi-Fi-may be capable of avoiding most of�these nightmares. (The�T. rex�would be super jealous of our satellites.) But we're also capable of triggering world-ending events. Learning from past catastrophes may be�the�best way to avoid future disasters. Packed with science, jokes, and black and white illustrations,�Save�the�People!�examines�the�worst-case scenarios that could (but hopefully won't) cause�the�greatest mass extinction-our own!

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    Product Specification

    Title: Save the People! Halting Human Extinction Book

    ISBN: 9780759553965

    Mastermind number: 232131

    Author: Stacy McAnulty

    Illustrator: Nicole Miles

    Format: Softcover

    Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

    Pages: 272