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  • Smarter Than a Monster: A Survival Guide Book

    AGES 4+

    Little kids have big fears, which they often imagine to be scary creatures, like monsters. In the new picture book, Smarter Than a Monster, New York Times best-selling author Brandon Mull uses humor and a fantastical imagination to uncover the truth about monsters while guiding young readers to good habits that can last a lifetime. Paired with whimsical monster illustrations, Mull's text explains how knowing “Monster Facts” can help kids outwit them. Want to avoid monsters? Fact: Monsters love dirt and grime, so when faced with two kids, the monster will choose the dirty one every time. And if toys and clothes are all over the floor, you may get ambushed by a mess-loving monster. Survival Tip: Take baths and keep your room clean. Outsmarting a monster is easy when kids learn secret monster strategies, like why it's better to sleep in their own bed when they feel afraid.

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    Title: Smarter Than a Monster: A Survival Guide Book

    ISBN: 9781629726106

    Mastermind number: 216122

    Shipping weight (lbs): 0.62

    Package dimensions (inches): 8.46 x 9.45 x 2.48

    Author: Brandon Mull

    Illustrator: Mike Walton

    Publisher: Deseret Book

    Pages: 32