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    AGES 5+

    Being able to identify a bird's song is a skill that brings joy and fosters an appreciation of nature. The Little Book of Woodland Bird Songs features recordings of twelve bird songs from some of the best-known woodland species seen and heard in North America. The sturdy pages are easy to turn and the twelve song buttons, each with a portrait of the bird, are easy to activate. The high-quality sound module is encased in durable plastic and the one-inch (3-cm) speaker makes it easy to hear and differentiate the elements of the bird's song, such as pitch, tempo and trill. Beautiful lifelike illustrations aid in identifying the birds and a descriptive paragraph and facts panel provide information such as the time of day the bird is likely to sing, what it eats, behavior traits and how it constructs its nest. All twelve birds have winter or summer ranges in the United States or Canada. Once you learn to recognize these bird sounds, a walk through the forest will never be the same.

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    Title: The Little Book of Woodland Bird Songs Book

    ISBN: 9780228100317

    Mastermind number: 210820

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    Author: Andrea Pinnington

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